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 is an International Brand with 10 years of establishment in Malaysia. We specialise in Management Development Program, and well known for Results Driven Training Activities because we are highly capable to measure Training Effectiveness/ROI for most organizations that we have served.

"A Specialist for Management Development Program"


The First Training Provider in Malaysia to offer

Online Tracking System

to measure Level 3 & Level 4 of Kirk Patrick Training Effectiveness.


Your organization deserves Positive Outcomes from each Partcipants attending Training ,

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 Performance Management System using KPI



Performance Management System Using KPI System 



 Steven RajKumar &

Chong Ah Wah






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Leadership & People Skills for Managers & Leaders 



 Daniel Wong         







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Management Development Program



 Gordon Reid






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Becoming a Successful Manager





  Steven RajKumar










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Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making for Leaders & Managers




 Daniel Wong






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Communication, Interpersonal & Influencing Skills for Managers



 Gordon Reid






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Secretarial Development Program




Steven & Angeline



RM 1,580



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Power of Execution for Managers




 Steven RajKumar







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Time Management, Problem Solving & Decision Making Skills for Engineers & Technical Professionals




 Daniel Wong






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Advanced Negotiation & Influencing Skills for Managers




 Gordon Reid






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Best Selling & Popular Courses by Cleverbridge :

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 NLP Communication

 Personal Effectiveness - cover page

 First Time Manager - cover page

Presentation & Public Speaking for Managers

Innovative & Breakthrough Thinking - cover page

 Administrator & Secretary - cover page

Negotiation Skills

Time & Stress Management - cover page

Telephone Skills - cover page

Office Skills - cover page


Highly Recomended for Management Team!

CEO CLUB Courses

Daniel Photo

by Daniel Wong

NLP Specialist

Advanced Selling

Advance Selling Techniques & Skills using NLP

Brainstorming and Mindmapping

Brainstroming & Mind Mapping for Management Decision Making  

Innovation & Creativity for Leaders  

Innovation & Creativity   for Leaders 

Communication & Persuasive Skills

Excellent Communication with NLP  & The Ultimate  Persuasive & Influencing Skills 

Management & Leadership Skills

Effective Management and Leadership Skills using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Creative Thinking & Innovation  

Creative Thinking & Innovation in Challenging Time  

Creative Sales Negotiation

Advanced Creative Sales Negotiation using NLP 


 Negotiation & Influencing

Smart Negotiation and Influencing Skills for Managers using Neuro Linguistic Psychology


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